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Name Description Link
Customers List SP List for Customer Details
Orders SP List for Customer Orders
Customer Correxpondence SP Library for Customer Correspondence (Low level CRM)
Invoice Detail SP List for multi line invoice detail
Vehicle (or other) asset Register SP List for asset details
Vehicle (or other asset) maintenance documents SP Library for maintenance documents

How Do I Movies
Name Description Link
Create a Library Create a SP Library
Modify a Library Modify a SP Library
Create a List Create a SP List
Chris Watkins I've been an IT professional for over thirty years. Most of that time has been spent helping large organisations with the evaluation, installation and maintenance of business software applications.
I have a wealth of knowhow on the subject of data management.
Advice is free and so are basic templates. If you need more just ask. I only charge for actual work done.
Contact - Tel: 01392 58 0420 email: