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Access Your Data Anywhere and from Any Device.

The most important thing about any data you store for business is that it must be available when you want it for business.

With a software applications installed on a computer you can only access the data it holds if you either sit at that computer, or access it remotely.

Data Sharing.

How you structure IT in your business has deep impact on how you develop as a business. Follow the standard practice of installing software application after software application and you will 'silo' critical data to those the machines where the software is installed. In many businesses this means that different applications are often stored on different computers.

Wasted Time and Wasted Effort.

All too often business people find themselves away from the office and in need of data that could close a sale, or influence a quotation, impress a customer or beat a rival. When that data is locked away inside a software application, on a computer, back at the office, the best that can be done is phone home and get the data. Sometimes, getting the information means waiting until a visit to the office can be made.

A phone call takes time and a visit to the office takes longer. In the delay the moment is lost and possibly the sale or a future sale is lost.

Critical data needs to be shared and made available to everyone in the organisation who needs it.


That doesn't mean a business should open Sales Accounts to every sale person employed, but it does mean extracting selected customer data from sales accounts and sharing that.

Once data management is identified as a requirement data can be distributed to all who need it via any laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.


Chris Watkins I've been an IT professional for over thirty years. Most of that time has been spent helping large organisations with the evaluation, installation and maintenance of business software applications.
I have a wealth of knowhow on the subject of data management.
Advice is free and so are basic templates. If you need more just ask. I only charge for actual work done.
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