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Office 365 Guides from Chris A Watkins

Whether your business runs one computer or one hundred computers you are ideally placed to benefit from Office 365. The word 'benefit' is key here in that even if you use only one computer you can make significant cash savings while improving your administrative performance.

To appreciate the truth of this you first need a basic understanding of what Office 365 is and how you can use it.

Electronic Document Storage and Management (EDMS)

Office 365 is not just a means of storing computer files 'in the cloud'. It is a full EDMS system. EDMS is the process of importing paper and computer generated documents into a computer system and indexing the files for easy and swift retrieval.

In effect you can dispose of your traditional paper filing system. No more gathering letters, invoices and orders into filing groups and no more slotting them into the correct folders. Of course, you only use a paper filing system because you know you may need that document again in the future. Equally, when you do want that document it's invariably missing, either misfiled, or on someone else's desk. With EDMS documents are where you placed them and with Office 365 EDMS they are available for you to use where ever you are. All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone and an Internet connection.

Office Integration System

Office integration is the practice of recording data only once into a business system and allowing that data to be accessed by all users. Using Office 365 lists you can record an address or telephone number and it can be available for use by any member of your staff, wherever they are. No more incorrectly addressed letters, no more invoices created with incorrect order numbers and no more calling the wrong customer contact or supplier contact.

Office Software Suite

Office 365 comes with free Internet versions of the Microsoft Office suit, so Word, Excel and Power Point are included in the package.These run in the Internet browser so effectively this means you can create and edit documents using any internet connected device even when there is no Microsoft software installed. Alternatively you can create documents using software such as Open Office or Polaris Office on your local device and upload them to Office 365, plus you can download existing documents from Office 365 to your local device for editing in the same software.


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I have a wealth of knowhow on the subject of data management.
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