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Web Content? '… what makes them sit up and take notice?' 


A recent freelance project informed potential bidders - "... I don't need creative. I write web pages and articles but my spelling and grammar are atrocious. I need an editor who will work with me on a page by page basis..." 


Full marks for effort here. High marks too for confidence. The writer is very much into the - I believe, therefore I can - method of self image boosting. It's a ten to one bet he repeats a mantra every morning before rising. Repeating "I can, I will, I can I will..." five hundred times, just as all the best self improvement manuals say. 


Or does he? Let's not forget - this guy is successfully selling his work. 


What is puzzling is HOW he can do creative writing when he doesn't have a grip on the basic rules of language? 

Don't misunderstand this. It can be done. You only have to read the opening pages of the novels on the bestseller shelf of the local bookstore to appreciate that it can be done and is done. What is elusive - is how? 


This is marketing, right? Every word counts in marketing copy. How do you know which words to use if you have no grasp of grammar? 


Do you use instinct? Voodoo? White magic? 


Unless you're a firm believer in the magic arts you have to conclude that it must be instinct. An innate sense of what to say and when to say it. A talent for using words that will press buttons to inspire in the reader a want to buy. 


This being the case, we have to award even higher marks to the guy who posted the freelance project. Not only does he give his talent free rein, he also recognizes that he has a weakness and seeks to overcome it. 


What does this all say to the average business person who wants to commission web copy or business promotional articles? 


Quite simply marketing copy should be as near perfect for its purpose as it can be. Not only does it need to press the 'must buy' buttons, it must also be beyond reproach in its delivery. Spelling, punctuation and sentence structure errors have a negative impact, giving the potential buyer a reason to doubt and back away from the purchase. 


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