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Web Presence 


Your company can have a web presence even if you don't have a web site. Web presence is defined as  "...the appearance of a person or organization on the World Wide Web.". It's safe to say then that almost every registered company will be referred to somewhere on the Internet, even if it's only a company registrar entry. 


Is a Web Presence Desirable? 


The answer will, of course, depend on what service the company  provides, but as most organisations exist to serve a customer base, in most cases the answer will be a resounding 'YES'.  

A positive web presence is an opportunity to tell customers and potential customers all the good things about your product or service and to make a pitch about why they should buy from you and not from Joe Bloggs down the road.  

There are many methods of establishing a web presence, ranging from a listing on a trade or representative body web site (such as a local chamber of commerce), through buying and launching your own company website, to establishing  a content management web site where you can change what appears in the pages yourself. 


So, what kind of web presence is best? 


We come back again to the question of what facility you expect to provide the user when locating your company via the Internet. If you want to deliver just basic details of who you are, what you do and how to contact you, then a trade or association directory may be sufficient. However, if you want to deliver a shop window to your business, then you will need a website with pages for introduction (landing page), contact details, an 'about' page describing the 'who' about your company, possibly one or more product or service pages and any legal disclaimers necessary. Businesses often choose to have a unique website and also list on trade or representative sites. Registering a link on a trade or chamber of commerce site will capture web searches for particular trades, services or locations, driving custom to your site as a result. 

Finally, if you wish to enable customers to buy products and services from your web site you will need a website with eCommerce capabilities. 


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